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I attended architecture school at the Southern California Institute of Architecture in Santa Monica, Ca. Beginning in 1985, I had my own design firms in Encinitas, Ca. and Telluride, Co., before moving to Carbondale in 1998. I have been photographing architecture professionally in the Roaring Fork Valley since 2008. My way of working is to use available light, being at the right place at the right time. Architects and lighting designers spend a great deal of time lighting the space. My technique is built around honoring those efforts. The way I approach a building photographically is shaped by the needs of the client, and my 35 years working in architecture.


A4 Architects
Black Shack Architects
CCY Architects
Cuningham Group
Hagman Architects
Harry Teague Architects
Humphries Poli Architects
Lacroux Streeb Lighting Design
Mohr & Associates Landscape Design
Rudd Construction
Sante Architects
Steven Conger Architects
Studio B Architects
Willis Pember Architects

Images have been used in online publications, in addition to the print publications listed below. My photos have been used in various winning AIA Design Award submittals.

Building Adieu
Aspen says goodbye to the Given Institute
Summer 2011, Aspen Sojourner Magazine

A Handmade Original
Summer 2010, Aspen Sojourner Magazine

Demolition Alert, The Given Institute
October 2011, Architectural Record

Breaking the Mold
Winter 2010, Aspen Sojourner Magazine

Concession Proof
Fall 2009, Architect Colorado


Solo photography show, celebrating the art of enclosure. Carbondale Arts, Launchpad Gallery
Winter 2015

Leaning into the Light
Group show at the Red Brick Center for the Arts
Winter 2018

Group show at the Aspen Chapel
Winter 2018

Landscapes and Landmarks Group show CCAH, 3rd Street Center
Summer 2013
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