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Landscapes and Landmarks
Group show, Carbondale Arts & Humanities, 2014

Solo show, Carbondale Arts & Humanities, 2016

"Our Town, Colorado"
A documentary photography exhibit, State Capitol, Denver
May-December 2012


Aspen Sojourner,/Mountain Homestyle
Summer 2011, "Building Adieu - Aspen says goodbye to the Given Institute"

May/June 2011, "Threatened- Given Institute"

Aspen Sojourner,/Mountain Homestyle Midsummer 2010, "Curves Ahead"

Architect Colorado
Volume 5 Issue 3, "Concession Proof"

Aspen Sojourner,/Mountain Homestyle
Midwinter 2010, "Atypical Angles"

Aspen Home
Fall 2008, "A home from all angles, Architect Steven Conger takes sustainability to a new level"
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