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I have worked in Architecture for the last 40 years. I started out photographing buildings, to document how they integrate with our natural environment. Landscape photography was the next step for me. I use the same process, be it a remote canyon or a museum. The recording of light and how it graces rock, sand or wood.


Leaning Into the Light, March 2018
Group Show, Red Brick Center for the Arts

Still/Life, March 2018
Group Show, Aspen Chapel

Solo show, Carbondale Arts & Humanities, 2016
In March of 2016 I had the opportunity to present a solo show at the Carbondale Council for Art's and Humanities Launchpad gallery. From my proposal:

I like walls.
They are everywhere.
For security, warmth, defense or just to hold up a roof. Brick, concrete, wood, stone, mud and timber.
Sometimes the wall is just built, with what is at hand, clinging to some cliff above the Mediterranean, or a remote canyon in Utah. Architect Louis Kahn designed the meticulous walls of the Salk Institute out of concrete, achieving something timeless, permanent. The beautifully joined log walls near Thompson Creek are inefficient yet sturdy, using materials at hand. Brick walls line our streets and alleys, yet every building is unique.

My goal with this show is to use photography to illustrate the art of enclosure.

Landscapes and Landmarks
Group show, Carbondale Arts & Humanities, 2014
In June of 2014 I had the honor of participating in a group show dedicated to the natural and built environment in and around the Roaring Fork Valley. My contribution centered around the various structures and landscapes that surround us, from local historic schools to the now destroyed Given Institute in Aspen.

"Our Town, Colorado"
A documentary photography exhibit, State Capitol, Denver
May-December 2012


Aspen Sojourner,/Mountain Homestyle
Summer 2011, "Building Adieu - Aspen says goodbye to the Given Institute"

May/June 2011, "Threatened- Given Institute"

Aspen Sojourner,/Mountain Homestyle Midsummer 2010, "Curves Ahead"

Architect Colorado
Volume 5 Issue 3, "Concession Proof"

Aspen Sojourner,/Mountain Homestyle
Midwinter 2010, "Atypical Angles"

Aspen Home
Fall 2008, "A home from all angles, Architect Steven Conger takes sustainability to a new level"
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